Electronic Cigarettes in Lieu of Cigarettes?


If you want to stop smoking, you need to have an Electric Cigarette. Unlike patches that would still give your body a dose of nicotine, having an electric cigarette is a different approach.

You kill the habit by having an item for your very own oral fixation. Knowing that this is the way to kill a habit, you should purchase this item if you are a smoker. You should remember that there are instances when having no vice at all may mean a good thing in the future.

Your body may not develop different ailments if you happened to stop smoking early in life. The number of sticks that you smoke every single day will also be the number of expected minutes taken away from your life.

If you are not careful, you may not be able to enjoy your life. And if you will come to think of it, you could stop the different causes of cancer if you stop smoking. But the real question is how?

Killing One Habit to Stop Health Deterioration

One of the high success steps that you could take in stopping your habit is by having an E Cigarette. This would mean a replacement on your cigarette. Since it creates a fake smoke, you feel that it is still the same.

Though in reality, it is absent of the different chemicals that may mean your health’s deterioration. It is important that you make sure you are paying attention to your own health. If not, you might be living a short life. It is important that you know when to stop a habit when it is becoming dangerous for your own health.

Smoking, drinking in excess may mean early death on your part in the near future. There are many instances when you could stop smoking without even having a nicotine patch. You could either have it using hypnosis or you could have it by developing another habit. Killing one habit in lieu of the other may not mean a success all the time.

Stopping the Damages by Ceasing Smoking Habit

Electric Cigarette could be the answer to your health worries regarding regular cigarettes. If you are going to have a habit of smoking, then, you should prepare for the worst. Cancer may mean not only an uphill battle but also a losing battle for some instances depending on the stage you are in.

Cigarette smoking can cause not only the cancer found in the respiratory system. Since smoking slows down the metabolism of your body, your colon will also have a difficult time to expel toxins and other waste materials in your body.

This means higher time of contact between harmful chemicals and your colon’s lining. This is the start of cancer cells on the colon. You could stop all of these things by simply purchasing an electric cigarette.

If you are going to have this item, you are actually stopping the different diseases that may cause problems in the future. From problems in your respiratory system to the problems that may be felt by your friends and family, all of these things can stop when you don’t smoke.


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5 Celebrities that Rock E-Cigarettes


Quitting smoking is hard. No matter how you feel about cigarettes themselves, almost everyone understands the hard time facing smokers who want to quit their favourite vice. Particularly for those whose cigarette smoking is linked to a habit that’s going to make them twitchy and irritable to break, the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a godsend.

Smoking is, after all, often a by-product of lives that are too stressful. Adding extra stress in the quitting process is just stupid. E-cigs, as they’re affectionately known, take one of those stresses off of the recovering addict’s shoulders, and let them achieve their goals. Some of the E-cigarette cartridges do, however, contain nicotine, primarily designed to help people let themselves down slowly off of the addiction, so on the flip side it’s possible to legally get a nicotine ‘fix’ from smoking your e-cig without incurring the wrath of the anti-smoking movement.

Celebrities aren’t immune from the vices that stalk you and me. In fact, some of them are more prone to the then us! So which of our favourite celebrities are rocking out with e-cigs?

  • Leo diCaprio
  • Bradley Cooper.
  • Gok Wan.
  • Simon Cowell
  • Katherine Heigl.


Leo diCaprio

Yep, that’s right. The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star has his own electronic cigarette and he’s not afraid to use it. He’s been spotted with it at the premier of the Great Gatsby as well as during Coachella. He’s not shy to talk to fans with it in hand, either.

Bradley Cooper.

The Hangover star is a diehard e-cigarette fan, or so he tells us. Introduced to the vice-lite by Zoe Kravitz, he’s been a fan ever since. At least it’s better than smoking normal cigs, Bradley!

Gok Wan.

Ah, Gok. We have to love you. British E-cig fans will love you for sporting one of their favourite devices, too.  Since the man is reportedly cutting back from a 40-a-day smoking habit, we can only applaud him and the progress he’s made. Rocking a little e-cigarette in public is certainly an improvement. Well done, Gok!

Simon Cowell

Few are going to be surprised by this one- but yes, it’s official. Simon’s not afraid to admit he’s a fan of smoking and the positive memories it raises in him, even though the current trend is to revile smoking in all its forms. But as we all know, you just can’t smoke around the public these days. So he’s swapped to ‘vapeing’ instead.

Katherine Heigl.

No list would be complete without a lovely lass to add to our lads. The Grey’s anatomy star does indeed use electronic cigarettes- has been since 2008, apparently. Seen live on David Letterman and many other shows and places, she’s a staunch supporter of the e-cigarette trend.

There is a trend at the moment by the most vocal of non-smokers to decry even e-cigs as somehow heinous, but they’re a tool that has helped many to beat a difficult addiction.  And when even our favourite celebrities are rocking out with them, you have to say that it’s a new trend, haters or not.

How I Stopped Missing Electronic Cigarettes When I Quit Smoking For Good


Quitting smoking is hard. It is a very hard habit to break and I do no think I would of been able to do it without the help of an electronic cigarette.
I used an electronic cigarette, or e-cig for short, for about six months before I completely quit smoking for good. I liked the fact that I did not have to give up the hand to mouth motion at first, or the act of inhaling and exhaling. A major selling point for me was the fact that I could cut down on the amount of nicotine I was using at my own pace, and it helped me not feel guilty about still technically having an addiction to nicotine.

For anyone who is thinking about quitting smoking, but do not want to quit cold turkey, and have tried all the other quit smoking aides out there, than a electronic cigarette may be the thing for you. They come in many different flavours, and different levels of nicotine. I started out with a bottle of watermelon e-juice that contained 18mg of nicotine in it. Within six months I had worked down to zero nicotine in my e-juice, and was essentially “vaping” flavoured water.

When I decided that it was pointless for me to be using electronic cigarettes after i concurred my addiction to nicotine, i decided it was time for me to kick the habit of using my e-cig as well. I figured this was going to be hard, because although I wasn’t getting nicotine when I was vaping, I was still having that hand to mouth motion, and inhale exhale that i found kept me away from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. I decided that this is where my will power and determination would come in.

I threw out my electronic cigarette, and I bought a lot of candy, and juice boxes. I figured I would keep the replacement sweet like the taste of the e-juice. Whenever I felt a craving to vape, I either grabbed a juice box, or I stuck a piece of candy in my mouth. This way I had the hand to mouth motion, and the sweet sugary taste I would get when using my electronic cigarette. The only thing that was missing was the inhale/ exhale motion, but I found I did not miss that much at all.

The process of discontinuing the use of my e-cig was actually quite easy after my addiction to the nicotine was broken. That really was the harder part of the addiction. Once you have it in your head that you weren’t getting nicotine anyways, it is a lot easier to give up vaping all together.


There is a lot of controversy over whether or not electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking, or if they just switch the smokers from one bad habit to another. Using the e-cig worked for me. I was able to quit at my own pace, and I felt better almost immediately after switching. They help to keep your motivation about quitting smoking, and if you are serious you will be successful. Once you are ready to give up the e-cig, it is really just about trying to find something that keeps your hands busy, as your nicotine addiction has already been broken, and its just breaking routines and not so much breaking habits. Make sure you do not feel beaten up if you have a relapse. Quitting smoking is hard, and celebrate day by day. Every day you are smoke free, is a day you are on your way to a happier you.More quit smoking tips at http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-electronic-cigarettes-help-smokers-quit/.

Why People Smoke Electronic Cigarettes – Five Reasons That Might Surprise You

electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have hit the world by storm since they were introduced to us from a developer in China. Many people have kicked the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes by replacing them with the healthier alternative of using liquid nicotine, released as a vapor which you inhale. Although they were first marketed as a different way to use nicotine, many are finding that they are making it easier to quit the habit altogether by slowly cutting back the amount of nicotine until they are essentially only inhaling flavored water. Here are five more reasons to love e-cigs if you are a smoker either trying to quit, or looking to get your nicotine fix in a less harmful way.

• You Smell Better

Because there are not the hundreds of deadly chemicals burning all around you like you have when you light up a traditional tobacco cigarette, you do not have that smell of smoke sticking to you and all of your surroundings. The vapor from e-cigs does not have a strong smell, and evaporates almost instantly, leaving you smelling like the perfume or cologne you are wearing, and not like a stale, stinky ashtray.

Also, not only do you smell better to others, you can actually start smelling things better yourself. Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes your sense of smell to go haywire, and you lose your sense of smell. Once you quit, you will wonder how you made it through life not smelling the things around you to their fullest.read their comment about quit smoking at http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Why_People_Smoke_Cigarettes_Five_Reasons_That_Might_Surprise_You.html.

• You Will Spend Less Money

Not only are tobacco cigarettes bad for you, they are really expensive too. By switching to an electronic cigarette, you will cut your costs down by more than half. After the initial purchase of the vaporizer itself, you will start noticing the saving immediately. If you were a heavy smoker, 15-20 smokes a day; you will save $1000 a year by switching to electronic cigarettes.

• No Risk Of Fire

Because an electronic cigarette isn’t actually burning, the risk of fire is eliminated. You do not have to worry about dropping it on the sofa, or in your bed and starting a fire.

• You can Smoke Where You Want

There are a lot of bans in a lot of areas on smoking tobacco products in public places because of second hand smoke. Because electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, there is no second hand. You are free to smoke them where ever you wish without violating the no smoking laws. You also do not have to worry about using electronic cigarettes inside your home because they will not stain the walls and furniture like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

• E-cigs are a Healthier Alternative

Although there hasn’t been any studies done, ex tobacco smokers report that after switching to electronic cigarettes they feel a lot healthier. They no longer have that dreaded smokers cough in the morning, and they can exercise and be active without feeling out of breathe. Most people who make the switch also find it a lot easier to quit smoking altogether by slowly lowering their intake of nicotine.

electronic cigarettes

Although electronic cigarettes have not been approved by the FDA, they are becoming popular among smokers who wish to have a healthy alternative, or those who are wishing to quit smoking altogether. Before you begin using e-cigs, it is important to research the chemicals , which is much less than traditional tobacco cigarettes, to ensure that you are not allergic to anything in them, and to make sure they are a right fit for you.

How to Use Your Will and Determination to Quit Smoking Forever

technological trick to stop smoking

Smoking is an addiction, and like all addictions, it is a hard habit to break. If you are thinking about quitting smoking, the key is will and determination. Whether you use a quit smoking aide, like an e-cig, or you quit cold turkey, the journey to being smoke free is not going to be an easy one, and often people get discouraged if they have a relapse. Don’t! Just keep looking forward and follow these tips to keep your head in the quit smoking game!

Stop Making Excuses

If you are quitting smoking to become a better, happier, healthier you, than in order to keep that determination you need to stop making excuses for why you light up to begin with. Make a list of all of your triggers, like driving, stress, eating, etc, and make up a plan for what you will replace your smoking behaviour with after you quit. This could be chewing gum, eating candy, or nicotine replacement therapy. Whatever you chose, your time is now. No more excuses, do it for you and your loved ones.go to http://www.determinedtoquit.com/ for more smoking updates.

Eliminate Stress in Your Life

A lot of smokers have a hard time quitting because the act of smoking is stress relieving. First, you need to try and eliminate as much stress as possible. You can go for massages, or go for a jog. Stop hanging around people who make you miserable and make your life stressful. If your job stresses you out, plan to spend your lunches meditating or relaxing using deep breathing.

Remember When You Did Not Smoke

Most people started smoking in either high school or college, before they were old enough to know the effects of such a bad habit. Picture a younger you, who was active, and could do things without becoming out of breath quickly. Work towards this old you. Even if you have been smoking for so long that you do not quite remember the old you, ask your parents and loved ones. They will fill you in and encourage you to work towards the goal of being healthy and quitting smoking for good.

Do Not Become Discouraged by Others

Unfortunately, there are people out there whom you may work or hang out with that will not be happy with your decision to quit the habit. They will offer you cigarettes, and sometimes make a mockery out of your efforts to better your health. Politely decline their efforts to hold you back, and if that doesn’t work, you may need to stop hanging around them altogether until your cravings become more manageable. Your success is for you and your loved ones, no one else.

Stay Positive

technological trick to stop smoking

In order to overcome the urge to light up, you need will power. If you do not utilize your will power right off the bat, it will be a long hard road for you. Keep things with you that remind you of why you are quitting smoking. Carry a picture of your children around with you, or other loved ones who encourage you to be healthier. Once you have committed 100% to quit smoking, you will. Remind yourself through every craving all the positives to quitting smoking, like a extended life span, a healthier life, healthier skin etc.

Quitting smoking is harder than most people think. Do not let what other people say bring you down. If you have a tiny relapse, that is OK. Quitting smoking does not happen overnight. Everyone has a moment of weakness; just do not let it define your process.

How Your Skin Will Improve After Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking

It is no secret that smoking wreaks havoc on your skin. It causes you to look older than what you really are by causing wrinkles and other skin problems. The good news is, that if you are quitting smoking, your skin will thank you, and start to improve. If you are thinking about quitting smoking, or you are in the very early stages of quitting, here is a run down of what your skin is doing. It really is amazing what your body will do to improve itself once the toxins are gone.

Increased Blood Flow

Nicotine in your blood causes an ageing effect that is greatly noticed. As soon as you quit smoking, you and others will notice a difference in your complexion as your blood starts circulating better, providing the nutrients and oxygen you need to keep your skin looking younger and healthy.visit http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-living/wellbeing/quitting-smoking-why-it-makes-you-more-beautiful.htm for more updates.


The appearance of your skin, especially on your face will improve almost immediately after you quit smoking. Your complexion will change from a pale yellow colour, and you will be blessed with that healthy glow you had before smoking was even a thought in your mind. Your pores will become noticeably smaller within weeks and you will notice less skin irritations such as blemishes.


You do not notice it while you are smoking but others around you do. Your skin lets off an odour that is exclusive to smokers. As the nicotine travels through your blood, it gets into your pores and is secreted through your skin. When you quit smoking, you will be surprised by how much of a difference you notice in they way you smell not only to yourself but to other people around you as well.


Your skin becomes super dried out and wrinkles form a lot easier than a non smokers. Smoking causes the nutrients your skin needs to not travel where they need to. Depending on your age, how long you have been smoking and your dietary habits, your skin can go back to normal once the is circulating again.

Quitting smoking

To maintain your new healthy look, or to speed up the process, it is important to help it along by taking a multivitamin. You can buy over the counter vitamins made especially for smokers and ex smokers. They include vitamin C and zinc, which will help with your skins appearance and help with improving your healthy glow. You can also get facial scrubs and cleaners that contain vitamin E to help with your appearance after you have quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things in the world to do. It is cited to be next to heroin, if not worse when it comes to addictions. If you are quitting, do not beat yourself up if you have a relapse. Just keep trying. The health benefits are worth it, not only for you but for the once sharing a space with you as well. Don’t give up! Just keep focusing on a happier, healthier new you!

Winning is Quitting When It Comes to Smoking!

stop smoking

Life has a way of rewarding those who have taken part in that special race called ‘living’ and downgraded their physical capacity with special habits like… SMOKING.

Oh yes, they’ll indeed finish first, and they’ll also get a chance to take with them these awesome special prizes too:

  • A whole bag of ‘Cancer’ for your lungs, throat and mouth
  • A red hot Cardiovascular ‘heart’ Disease
  • A pair of Impotence and Infertility
  • A wonderful teeth and gum disease called ‘Periodontal  Disease’

Aside from these, smokers will have the luxury of having more sick days resulting to less productivity.

We have an old saying:  “Quitters never wins and winners never quit.”

This famous adage is true for most situations, but not for smoking.  Smoking is the exception.   Winning is quitting when it comes to smoking.

How exactly do you win when you quit smoking?  Actually, learning to quit smoking is a very rewarding process.  The rewards get bigger when you’ve successfully increased the length of time you are smoke-free.

stop smoking

Here’s a list of rewards:

20 minutes Calm and steady pulse rate, lower blood pressure.
8 – 12 hours Carbon monoxide level drops to normal, carbon monoxide weakens the body, smoking increases the level of carbon monoxide in the body and may cause flu-like symptoms, fatigue, headaches, drowsiness and nausea.
2 days Susceptibility to heart diseases and heart attack is reduced and will continue to decline once sustained. Your taste buds and your sense of smell returns to its normal functions, food tastes much better and the air smells fresher.
3 days Your energy returns to normal level and you’ll feel even more energetic in the days to come.
1 month Your smoker’s cough vanishes as your bronchial tubes starts to mend.  Smoking irritates the bronchial tubes and produces mucus which in turn ignites an automatic body response – coughing.  This is the smokers cough.  Eliminating cigarettes will definitely give your bronchial tubes a rest.
A few months later Climbing the stairs won’t give you breathing problems anymore because you can now fully use the power of your lungs without the obstructions.  Cigarettes constrict the blood vessels and decrease the blood flow through your organs.  Nutrients don’t reach the tissues because of this and therefore causes weakness and that’s the time when we fell ill.  One sign that you have regained a good circulation after quitting is better lung performance.
After a year Your risk of having a coronary heart disease is reduced by half.
After 5 years Your risk of having a stroke is almost the same as non-smokers already.
After 10 years Your risk of having lung cancer is greatly reduced.

Cigarettes also have free radicals and toxins that contributes to aging, so when you quit smoking, you’ll look younger and feel even younger.

All of these rewards for quitting and more!  Now that’s not bad.  Not bad at all!  Now who says quitting is for losers?

Nicotine Gums and Other Smoking Cessation Methods

programmable transdermal nicotine delivery devic

Now that you have decided to quit smoking, you’ll need some support to get your body back to normal and make the transition from smoker to non-smoker with less discomfort. Let’s discuss all your options.

Nicotine Gum

Basically a gum is an oral gratification method that replaces the use of cigarettes. It gives your mouth an alternative to smoking. Nicotine gums contains just the right amount to ease your withdrawal symptoms. It is available in many variants and nicotine dosages from 1 to 4 milligrams.

The idea is to start with the gum with highest nicotine strength and decrease the potency. The final step is to get rid of the use of the nicotine gum itself by replacing it with ordinary gums. The key is to do this gradually and to always check your body’s reaction every time that you will switch gum strengths.

Nicotine Patch

An alternative to gum is the use of nicotine patches that you put on your upper arm. Nicotine patches contains nicotine dosages that it slowly released through your blood stream via the skin. Nicotine patch is a more effective way of distributing nicotine to the body than nicotine gum. It works the same way as the gum. You start with the patch with the highest nicotine level and then decrease the dosage gradually until you don’t need it anymore.check the website www.aussie-ecigarette-reviews.com for more information.

Nicotine Nasal Spray

This method is available but you will need a doctor’s prescription to use it. It’s the same principle as the patch and the gum except the nicotine dosage is delivered through the nasal passages before reaching the bloodstream.

Prescription Medicines

There are several prescription drugs developed to help the craving sensation of a smoker who are trying to quit. However, some of these medicines like ‘Chantix’ were found potentially harmful because of its effect on the user’s mood. This mood-altering drug was linked to suicidal thoughts and cases.

Right now, researches are also being done for a vaccine that will help smokers with nicotine addiction by rendering nicotine useless in the body.

There are also other methods developed to administer nicotine dosages like lip balms and lozenges.

programmable transdermal nicotine delivery devic

Nicotine gums and lozenges all follow the oral gratification method. Nasal sprays imitate the sensation of smoking while patches give you convenience of use.

Choose the one that you think will be most effective and convenient for you but remember that your will to quit smoking is still the greatest factor. Whatever method you choose, make sure that you follow through.

Effective Alternative Approaches to Smoking Cessation


The truth of the matter is, a lot of smokers would love to stop the deadly habit. They would choose to be free from cigarette and the dangers that they bring only if they could find a smoking cessation method that would really work for them.

There are a lot of methods out there like the oral gratification approach that uses other items like gums, lozenges or candies to replace the use of cigarette. But according to those who have tried this method, the approach has no permanent effect and it just reminds them of smoking even more.

That is why alternative approaches to smoking cessation that produces more lasting results are being sought out.

What are the different types of alternative smoking cessation methods that are readily available nowadays?read the post from http://www.onlineelectroniccigarettestore.com/nicotine-gums-smoking-cessation-methods/ for more details.


“No on e can ever make you do anything unless you want to do it.”

Hypnosis is a method of training that focuses and supports your inner desires. It is an effective mind conditioning technique that uses the power of suggestion.

People who are unable to stop smoking have in their subconscious mind some deeply embedded false beliefs that have developed since day one of their smoking careers. Beliefs like, smoking is good for stress or that it’s a normal social activity.

That is why people who have started smoking at an early age have more difficulty in stopping the habit. Habits are not formed in a day but years and removing the habit will take a lot of time and patience.

The method of hypnosis speeds up the process of treating the smoking habit by targeting the subconscious and freeing it from false beliefs so that it can already receive openly the stop smoking suggestions. For some people, this method has immediate positive effects seen after two sessions.


These over 3,000 year-old Chinese medical practices are widely used for pain management by balancing the ‘chi’ or the flow of energy in the body. Tiny needles or deep pressure are placed on pressure points that helps alleviates pains, illnesses and even reduce the body’s craving for nicotine.

Positive results were seen in people who have undergone the treatment a few days after the initial session.



Laser therapy is the synergistic combination of advance laser technology with the principles of acupuncture. Instead of the needles, a low power laser is used on pressure points to produce the same results.

For use in smoking cessation, laser therapy is a painless treatment that is usually directed at the earlobes to curb cravings.

Of course, alternative approaches to smoking cessation are a bit more expensive than gums and candies but at the end of the day, it’s always the results that matter.

The cost of the treatments would matter less when you weight it ultimately with how much you’ll save from buying cigarettes when you finally stop smoking.